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13 September 2014

If Life Was a Song

I listen to a lot of music.
In the morning to help me get my lazy butt out of bed, in the car for the joy that I get, while I am cooking (yes, sadly I do cook - but I also tend to flop most of it), while I am sitting on the pc doing admin, and every other time I can.

From Bryan Adams to Tracy Chapman, from Roxette to Taylor Swift, from Chris DeBurgh to Bonnie Tyler, from Cat Stevens to Snow Patrol, I have a very wide range of musical taste. Every musician or band that I like has some music that I dont like and will not listen to. From the 50s all the way to today, there is something I enjoy from every era. I have playlists for when I'm driving, for when I need to escape to another place in my mind and regain my power, for when I'm feeling down, and for when I just want to listen to hopelessly sickening love songs.

I sometimes wonder though, if my life had a theme song, what would it be? With my constant wanderlust busrning, it would probably be something like Bryan Adams' "Open Road". Or perhaps with my love of Africa as a gorgeous continent it would be Toto's "Africa". Or perhaps the real comeback song from Cher "Last Of Me".
I had to laugh recently, I did one of those fun (time-wasting) online quizzes which actually was, "what should be your theme song?" and after some really random questions it came out saying my theme song should be "Let It Go" from the movie Frozen.

What about you? What would you think of as a theme song for your life?

By the way, my current playlist is about +-400 songs!
These are some of them and if you want to listen to them on youtube (dont hold any of this against me, I have not watched any of the music videos, only have the songs and listen to them), just click on the song name: