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12 September 2014

A Rhyme and a Riddle

It is not a secret that I get pretty upset with certain clients sometimes. I know I am working in a public relations area here, but the truth is that the client is NOT "always right" and for his or her own safety I often times have to get really strict. And heck it can be stressful. But I had to laugh when yesterday a friend of mine wanted to make me smile and sent me this little story.

"I have this friend called slightly awesome Amelia, 
Who despite battles internal, could still feel for ya
Certain homo sapiens drive her mad, 
giving rise to rage that left her sad

If she heard "where's the brakes, the horn,  the go faster switch?" Just one more time ...
Well she would do what I couldn't possibly put into rhyme. 

"Lucky saddle!  - do you do one on one lessons? you could ride me any time!" Amelia had heard them all, 
It's not that hard to wish that some folk would have a very hard fall.

The sand, the sea, the wind in her hair, she could almost feel alive,
Apart from what her ears & eyes percieved, ignoramus sat like a sack of ☆◇□◇☆ abusing equine

Mine's the wrong colour, wrong sex, the wrong shape, too fast no I mean too slow
I know I said what I definately want, but now I definately don't know
I've changed my mind, can I go back, what do you mean what about the others,
I've paid you to deliver a good time & my time is worth more than other's

So, it's understandable that my awesome friend would really much rather avoid
The self centered type that dictate such terms that leave her so annoyed
It's unbelievable that these city types would ever dare cause such strife
If they only knew the willingness brewing to demonstrate the ultimate use of a pocket knife

So be of good cheer my eye smiling friend
To be victim of such trials
Surely means you are under attack for wanting to make your God smile"

 You know who you are, thank you for bringing on the smile, actually it was more like a full out belly laugh :-)

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