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11 September 2014

The Day NYC Went Dark

It wasn't as big as the start of world war one, or even world war two. It wasn't as destructive as the hiroshima blast and it certainly wont be the last "big thing". But in the last 40 odd years this is probably the single biggest manmade disaster the world has ever known.

I remember that day so well, despite being an 11 year old kid. I was busy with my schoolwork in the lounge, dad was busy doing admin on the pc and mom was busy making lunch, when gran phoned. She just said "turn on the tv, its huge news!", mom asked her which channel, she said every channel. We thought it was strange but turned on the tv anyway.

Every channel showed the same thing, footage of a world landmark having an airplane flown into it. Speculation was that the pilot had flown the wrong direction, until a few minutes later when another plane flew into the sister tower.

That day had such an impact on people all around the world. My other grandparents had actually toured the world trade centre just less than two weeks prior.
For days that was all anyone spoke about, for weeks it was repeated on the tv. The day nearly 3000 people died in a single city.

As a child I felt hopelessly sorry for them, but I also understood even then that this was just another sign of the time of the end as spoken of in Matthew 24. I was so glad my family was safe, I couldn't help but to imagine what would have happened if anyone I knew or was related to had been there at the time. And to this day my heart goes out to the victims of that senseless action.

It affected everyone in some way or another, even as far as seemingly insignificant South Africa, we watched it, we felt hurt, pity and even fear here.

Some thought is was the start of ww3 (considering USA's war efforts thereafter, not too wrong they were), others thought this was the start of Armageddon, some thought it was the start of the fall of the USA. 
No matter who you are, or where you are from, if you were more than 5 years old (possibly even under) you would have those images permanently engraved on your mind. 
Where were you that day? 
How were you affected? 
What thoughts ran through your mind?

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