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19 September 2014

A Blog A Week

According to all the blogging and social media gurus, its good to become dependable and make your blog or social networks have some form of routine. You know, so that if people do want to follow you, they know what to expect.
Now I know I have not been very good with that. Even in the last month or so, I do a post every single day for about a week, then leave it with nothing for about two weeks. Even one of my good friends who I have always trusted to read my blog said yesterday that they are not reading it because of my erratic blogging behaviour.

So I have decided to do something different. I don't have time to write every week, but normally when I do get writing, I write a few posts. So, thanks to the awesome "scheduling" settings on blogger, I will now attempt to set a post to go online every week on Friday at 4pm (South African Time). I may have other randomly urgent or special posts to put online during the week, but now you can rely on Fridays as being the day of the blog post.

Yeah yeah, i know that is thinking a lot of myself. The truth is that there really is no-one reading this lot anyway and I am just writing a rather embarrassing diary that is open to the world and I will look back on in ten years and cringe at. But anyways......