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18 September 2014


Pets can be pretty cool. There is always a story to tell when it comes to being a pet owner.

I sit here, looking at the fat and furry 11 year old cat, "Lil Kitty" on my lap and begin to reminisce how she came into our lives.

Late one Tuesday night I was fast asleep in my bed. Then the stupid cat woke me up, that same darn cat that we had picked up in an illegal dump spot 3 weeks back. The gorgeous little calico was skin and bone at the time, scrounging around in the rubbish looking for anything to eat.
I went and picked her up, and unlike a regular stray who would want to squirm and runaway, she purred. I climbed back in the car, turned to my mom and said "we've just got to take her home with us mommy". How stupid was I? We got home, and I jumped out to open the gate, our dogs used to chase cats, so we carefully kept the car windows and doors closed. She looked out the window, saw the dogs, and I swear, from outside the closed car I heard that little fireball hissing at the dogs.
We tried to catch her in the car to take her into the house, but she wouldnt be caught. So we opened the door and hoped the dogs wouldnt catch her. Boy were we wrong, the stupid cat jumped out the car, tail and back all fluffed up, and ran straight at the barking dogs, like a little ninja kitty she swiped and pricked both dogs on their noses. It was like something out of a slapstick cartoon, the dogs yelped and went running the other direction and this skinny little cat hissing and chasing after them. Well, that solved the whole problem with the dogs chasing cats.
So we let the cat follow us into the house, to come meet our big fat ginger cat. Old Prince was not impressed at having this new cat in the house, and this new cat, rather than try to make friends with Prince (our big fat ginger) decided to attack him. So we opened the window and let her out. She went outside, used the sand pit, and came back inside. We had never felt so owned by a cat! After a few days she made peace with Prince.
Me, Mommy Cat and Kentucky the Chicken

Jump forward 3 weeks, this stupid cat has taken to sleeping on my bed. She's also gotten fairly fat and healthy now, and she sleeps on my feet. If I dare move, she attaches my feet. So I learn to sleep really still. Then she starts bringing in "kills", snakes, mice, and birds in the middle of the night. So the one night when I was particularly tired at about 2am, I rolled over and heard yet another thud and a bird screaming, turned on my light and got the fright of my life. It wasn't a bird, it was a brand new kitten, and the second one was half way out of the cat. This cat was actually having kittens on my bed. We got a box, put a towel in it and put the cat and her kittens into the box.
We didnt get much sleep that night, and the cat had 5 kittens.
She mellowed out becoming a much nicer cat in time, and earned herself the name Mommy Cat, for obvious reasons. We let all but one of the kittens go to new homes.
The one we kept was a "mini-me" of Mommy Cat and got the name "Lil Kitty". 
Mommy Cat and Lil Kitty

But the story of Lil Kitty's character will come another day.