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10 July 2014

Why do I blog?

Funniest thing happened to me, I had this blog post planned out. Well when I say that, I mean I had the title and theme, but I had absolutely nothing to write. Because I really didn't know why I blog.
Then just a couple of days ago a friend, who for some unknown reason actually reads my blog (thank you dear ones who do read it, I appreciate you), asked me why do I blog.

The first reply that popped into my mind was the "Blogging is cheaper than therapy." You see, friends don't always want to, or have the time to, listen to your endless rants about all sorts of rubbish. That's a reason many people go to therapy, and a reason to blog in my case. My opinion, my thoughts, my random point of view are our there in the open.
But I laughed when this friend asked the question, because I realized I need to actually answer that properly if I intend to continue blogging.

Well, yes it is cheaper than therapy.
Its also a way to occasionally get cool stuff to review, that is if my blog gets enough hits and I'm good at writing, which I would like to imagine I am.

Of course blogging is also my way to imagine that my opinion really matters to someone. Because lets face it, every blogger I know (including myself) is opinionated, and that's not trying to be insulting, I actually don't have an issue with highly opinionated people. Now the unwritten social laws dictate that to our family and friends we do not constantly voice our opinions. However, on a blog, your readers are welcome to continue reading, or just exit at any time. So, you write as best you can, with as many interesting things as possible, but still throw in your 2c (or R50) worth of personal opinion. Then sometimes you hope someone, somewhere out there actually takes the time to read it, and sometimes you decide to rather hope no one reads it.

Another reason I started blogging, well actually the original reason I began blogging is that I had been pretty much bed ridden due to a debilitating and yet invisible disease called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome from the age of 16 until I was nearly 19. Having that disease I had a lot of stuff to say, to moan about, to laugh about, and to share with my family and friends. It was right about the time that blogging was becoming a fad, and so a wonderful aunt of mine suggested I start a blog and then when my family and friends had time they could read it. And so, begun my blogging.

So yeah, I suppose the main reason I blog is the fact that some awesome people (YOU) are reading and either fascinated by my opinion, or believe that it matters.

So let me tell you that it means a lot to me that you take the time out of your busy life to read what I write!