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16 July 2014

In the days we are living, it is seldom that we find good news, and good reviews.  The thing is, people are so quick to whinge, and complain, and post bad reviews, and post online content that is not nice. Yes, we want to know where not to go. However, the good service often gets forgotten, you walk away from the service provider with a smile and an hour later you have forgotten the entire experience.

But today, I just want to send a shout out to the people at FujiFilm cameras and Game (Amanzimtoti) for their really awesome service!

In December I bought a FujiFilm JZ100, a lovely little point and shoot camera with 8 x optical zoom and 16 megapixel. Pretty awesome I'm telling you! I used that little camera really well over the last few months, but sadly about a month ago it stopped working, the lens just refused to open. So I took it back to Game (the store I happened to buy it at), they looked at my camera, and immediately sent it in for repair with FujiFilm.

I take so many photos, that I decided on getting myself another camera. It was a Sony CyberShot DCS-W630 on markdown at R400 from picknpay. The salesman at picknpay was very nice, and really went out of his way to help me get a new camera - but that's another story for another day.

About 18 days later, I was notified that my camera was back from repair. I went in to Game to collect my repaired camera, and was surprised by being given a replacement camera, and this one was an upgrade! 16 megapixels also, but with 12 x optical zoom, and a whole bunch of extra settings. Thanks FujiFilm.
Came home and immediately put it into use, but sadly every photo I took with it was fuzzy. At first I thought perhaps I was shaky and that's why it was not taking clear photos, however after putting it on self timer and using a tripod, I decided it was definitely not calibrated. So I packed it back in the box with all the accessories and back to game I went, really bleak this time. This was an amazing upgrade, and was so disappointing that it didn't work.
The poor people at Game customer service were getting to know me fairly well by now. They were just about as disappointed for me as I was with this return, and after speaking to the manager, they decided to rather just give me a refund. I was a bit sad, I really liked the new camera.
Paper work got sorted out and I went home.

4 days later, I decided to put my Sony camera's battery on charge. But shock and horror, I had accidentally kept the FujiFilm charger and sent the Sony charger back to Game! I nearly died, it had been my own stupidity!
Back in the car and off to Game, again, got to the customer service counter and explained my dilemma to them. After producing the FujiFilm charger cables, they phoned the warehouse out back and thankfully the box had not been send back to the supplier! Without a question or complaint the very kind ladies at the Game service counter went to swap out the correct cable.

So, I have a few "thank you"s, to Game Amanzimtoti for their amazing customer service (even when I made a stupid mistake), to FujiFilm for replacing my camera (although I really would have preferred to have gotten the replacement repaired rather than refunded), and to Pick'n'Pay Arbour Crossing for their awesome staff in the high tech sales department.

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