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27 April 2014

Debonairs Pizza - Review

Of the many thing I got at the Durban Blogger Meet, one thing I was given was a R20 off Debonairs Pizza voucher, yummy!

I have always been a fan of Debonairs. But it was Only valid if used booking online. I am a new convert to smart phones and to using apps and buying stuff online, so I was incredibly wary of ordering online. But again, I read and re-read the Ts&Cs, and decided I was safe to order. I looked at the online menu, and my only gripe with their online booking is that it has delightful photos of the pizza but no information on whats on the pizza. Other than that, the online ordering is fabulous and easy to work. In fact, for those of us on a budget, its a little too easy because now we can order pizza without even talking to another person. I ordered the Mexican Fiesta, it looked so pretty in the photo, and was so colourful and I was shaking hungry at the time.

Be aware, Debonairs only delivers for orders of R50 or more, and their delivery guys are armed with live weapons! I noticed the delivery guy wearing what looked like a plastic weapon, and asked him if he "wears a plastic gun because he's been threatened" and got the reply from that particular guy that not only has he been threatened at least 5 times, but he has been hijacked 3 times and attempted hijacking multiple times, and its not a toy gun or a decoy but is very real. Yes, that particular conversation made me step back.
I'm a cheapskate, and I was just down the road from the nearest Debonairs, so I ordered a R30 pizza and only had to pay R10, the poor souls behind the counter couldn't understand how I could only pay R10, I explained it to them a couple of times, and then still I don't think it sunk in. But I wont hold i against them though, its a holiday town and a long weekend, I imagine they are a little overworked right at the moment.
The smells coming from the box in my hand were delightful, and I quickly got into the car, locked the doors (don't want anyone snatching my discount pizza) and opened the box. Mexican Fiesta is delightful to the senses, its prettier than in the photos and smelled amazing! But I detected a slight hint of spice in the smell, I should have known, tsk tsk.

I was by now majorly low on blood sugar, so I grabbed a slice and took a giant bite and that's when it hit me like a flaming ball of Durban. I think I swore. That pizza is freakin hot! The tears started running and my poor stomach had such a shock after being so hungry and now having something so hot landed on it that I immediately started hiccupping! Have I mentioned I don't do so well with hot things?
Well I looked around in my car, I always have a bottle of water with me, ALWAYS. Except that day I had finished my water about an hour before hand. The rest of the slice went back into the box, I glanced in the mirror to see why my lips were still stinging and although they were not injured, they were blood red and pumped up. Would have been fabulous if I had someone to kiss right then...

Well, I went right home, loaded the rest of the pizza with a thick layer of mayo and some sliced avo, got a glass of water ready and tried again. Thankfully I was able to enjoy the rest of my pizza, and I don't regret it one bit. The only thing I wish is that I had known ahead of time that Mexican Fiesta is freakin hot. But otherwise, I would totally recommend it, as well as the mobile app to everyone who can afford to buy pizza.

So, that's a short post for now, not to diss Debonairs, I still love them. But this is rather just to give you all (including the guys at Debonairs) an opportunity to laugh.
By the way Debonairs, why don't your delivery guys wear those strapping tuxedos anymore?