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21 April 2014

Beauty and the Beast (I'm the beast)

For those of you who know me, you likely know me as a tomboy. I mean come on; I grew up on a farm. I was climbing trees while my peers were deciding which dress to wear to the matric dance, I was digging & jumping in mud puddles while my peers were learning how to apply lipstick. I’m way more comfortable in a pair of jeans than a dress, and give me bare feet any day rather than 3 inch heels.

So, when I got offered the chance to do a Sponsored post for Pretty Smart I was a bit dubious. I mean, my idea of a beauty regime is showering daily, and remembering to shave regularly. I generally keep a dark shade of varnish on my toenails, but that’s it. I’ve never, never in my life, been into a salon, let alone had treatment. I’ve been told by others occasionally that I could do with having my eyebrows threaded, but that sounds painful (although I do take the scissors to them occasionally, I don’t pluck, that’s also painful) so I’v never done that. I’ve also been told that having a manicure or pedicure is “oh so fabulous”, but that’s generally out of my price range, especially remembering that I work outdoors with animals, mud, trees, bush, and beach. So the idea of paying through my eyes to have a manicure that’ll last 2 days is not my idea of clever.

But, I have recently been more inclined to try one of the many salon treatments available. Especially with more and more special occasions coming up with my friends and family. But how am I supposed to trust any salon when I have never been to one before? How do I know they will give good treatment? Yeah, their advertising says so, but blackberry advertises that they are the best cell/smart phone company. You see what I’m saying here? You can’t believe every company’s own advertising. Plus, South Africa is one of the few countries which does not have a “regulating law” to ensure that beauticians complete a certain course or keep to certain standards.
Anyways, I decided I’ll go check out this website I did, and I was pleasantly surprised.

You see it’s a site that allows YOU to rate and review the salons you’ve been to, or see other people’s ratings before you book!  Although the website is still quite new, as more women start to review their beauty salons, it will become easy to find a really good salon in your area by looking for the top-rated salons on PrettySmart. 

This is great news for those of us wanting to research whether certain treatments really deliver on their promises and which salons are the best.   (And those of us who have suffered through a less-than-special massage at a tatty salon because we got caught by a half-price massage deal online… definitely check this website before getting caught again!) At the end of the day we all want value for money and a good service. (According to their press release. And if I was one to go with the flow, I would be interested in this)
So I might just decide to follow up on this, and choose a massage that has good ratings, and send my mom as a guinea pig to test it out. Currently there are no nearby (to where I live) salons with ratings, good or bad, so I’ll wait a while.

I know that there will be loads of ratings put up really soon, because  PrettySmart gives a R500 spa voucher to one reviewer each week. So, head over and post a review, it can be a good review (we all know small businesses need good publicity), or a bad review (those who are less than stellar need to be told they need to “up their game”), but either way, if you have been for a beauty treatment then please go review it. It only takes about 5 minutes of your time, and you can win a R500 spa voucher for your efforts. As most of the clientele for this kind of service is are women, and most of those working in this field are women, we owe it to our sisters to share thisinformation.

Anyways, that’s all for now folks.

Disclaimer, this is a sponsored post