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02 March 2014

Blogging it out on another sleepless night (or two)

I have tried, really, I have tried blogging more often. But once one becomes an adult, with responsibilities, with big people things to do, and with a social life, blogging really does get put on the back burner.

Its not that blogging is not fun, but when blogging is a mode of release, and not a mode of actual income, then it takes a lower priority. And having a social  life doesn't help the blogging scene either.
I mean if I get a chance to go to the movies with my friends, or to stay home and do some blogging, its pretty obvious which will be my choice.
Nowadays the only times I get to blogging when it is not actually for work, is when I have insomnia or when I take 2 weeks - 3 months to write a post. Yes it does suck when I am up at 1 or 2 am and my mind wont shut up. I sit there and keep on thinking. And eventually I just give up and figure I'll shout out to the cyber space. Maybe someone will hear, maybe not.  Actually sometimes I hope that what I want to say goes out into the inter-web but never gets noticed.

But blogging is nice. I can say what I want to say to the world, without getting into too much trouble (hopefully) and get things off my chest. Its amazing what a relief it can be to put one's emotions into writing and out in public, despite not wanting to really share those deeper thoughts with loved ones. I mean, why is it that I can tweet & blog about what the wackiest thing's on my mind, but I have a difficulty sharing those things with my family & fear my friends will disown me if I told them? Why can I tell total strangers about my dreams of traveling the world, or even of road-tripping the country, but I feel stupid if I try and voice that to the family who live in the same house as me? Not that my family and friends are bad people, they are actually really the most AWESOME people I know!

Is this all just me with severe trust issues & lack of self-confidence to those whom I love for no reason, or is this a global phenomenon? Is it my over active imagination and a result of watching too much TV, or is it common? How would I know?
Truth be told, we live in a day & age where its really not safe to trust people on the other side of the cyber line, there are often liars & deceivers there, just waiting to attack you. And yet, teenagers are willing to post photos online of themselves in underwear. Parents will be so slack as to post photos and names of their children along with school names or uniforms, endangering their children by exposing them to terrible people. Old people going on holiday will post countdowns & details of their planned trip in public. And yet with most of these scenarios, these people have a hard time sharing these things with close family & friends, let alone putting this information at a public notice board in a library or shopping center.
What gives?

Did this kind of brazen stupidity exist before the internet age? Or is it purely a modern problem? I really don't know. I wouldn't really know, I am a child of the cyber age. I was only 10yrs old when the year 2000 arrived. I remember computers being around my whole life, although I pretty much suck at doing anything truly useful (other than admin and Social Networking) on a computer.
But I remember how people feared there would be the great internet & computer virus of 2000, the net wasn't even that popular or used as much at the time, but it was a panic that on the strike of midnight, on December 31 1999/January 1 2000 the world would change. Guess what, it didn't!
I can only imagine what it would have been like if that had been so viral with Facebook and twitter, whatsapp & mixit around. It would have been crazy.

Well, if I'm crazy, stupid, too much of a TV addict, or actually hitting a bit of truth here, you decide for yourself.

But for now I think this is enough sharing of ridiculous & random thoughts with the world.
Until next time, adios amigos