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22 August 2012

Have Wheels, Must Travel


So what did you do when you got your first car? Perhaps go out clubbing with friends? Or maybe you went to the beach? It could have been that you took it to your friend/grandparents/uncle to show it off? And by now you are asking, what about me?

As you are aware, I have a car and a driver’s license. After about a 3.5yr time period of working my butt off to earn it all myself. Now that I have it though, the bug has bitten. What bug might that be? The bug that reminds me daily that my grandfather whom I never knew was a gypsy, the same bug that bit when I was 15 and went to New Zealand.

I have this thing about travelling! There, I said it. Do I feel better now that its out in the open? NO, actually I don’t. I will only feel better when I am travelling. And yeah, I know it sounds crazy, but every time I do the 80km trip to ‘Maritzburg, or the 600km trip to Jozi, I get super excited. Why? Because I’m travelling, exploring new horizons, seeing new sights, going places!
Which is pretty much why my bedroom is wallpapered with maps. I love google earth, I spend so much time perusing road maps and plotting alternative routes, even if I will never go there. Geography really has always been my passion.

So, now that I have a car, I am itching to travel. And where, you might be asking do I want to travel to? The short answer being, Everywhere and anywhere! For starters I have taken a couple of short road trips that I am sure you would have heard of by now. Especially if you are following Daisy’s Diary.

But, I am going to endeavour to share with you the little fun stops along the way.