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22 July 2012

The good times
This Post was written on Saturday 21 July 2012
You know, sometimes something in life reminds you that things are never truly that bad, and even when you’re stressed and tired, you ought to look on the positive side of things and find the good in everything, everybody, and every day. Yes, there is indeed the proverbial silver lining to every cloud.
Why have I gone on a rant like this? Well today my get up and go, got up and left me. I have been, to say the least, exhausted and very very negative. And as uninspired to go riding and do my job as ever, I did go anyway. And what did I find?
Well firstly, two adorable young girls who were well behaved and listened to instructions, which was such a relief after the last few rides I have taken with people who think they know everything and are a danger to everyone and everything around them because they refuse to listen to instructions! Then of course was the absolutely lovely day. The beach was quiet, almost low tide, and barely a breeze. And as I rode home through our bush trail, I could of dwelt on the monstrosity of a fuel factory next to me that is obviously polluting the air that we breathe, but I didn’t. Instead I closed my tired eyes and listened to the busy hum of crickets in the bush next to me and the occasional “kukukukuku” of the rain bird, I smelt the fresh green grass as the horses munched on it, and the earthy smell of the stream next to me, I felt the cool winter afternoon gentle breeze on my face as we entered the long shadows from the trees approaching home, and opened my eyes in time to see the flash hof blue as a kingfisher swooped past to his next perch. And I thought to myself, I love life and I love Africa. And I turned the corner to see one of our wonderful and famed African sunsets.
And there you have it, what a wonderful world we live in. I never want to die, I want to live in this world forever and explore every inch of it, I want to get to know everything there is to know about the loving and powerful Creator who gave us the life that I so value. And I just hope that somehow I can thank him in a way fitting for this gift we have.