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04 August 2011

Why I dont want to ever leave South Africa

I have decided to give a non horsey blog post today. It has taken me quite a bit of deliberation to try figure out what to talk about, mostly because I live, think, sleep, work and play horses. So with all that deliberation I decided I would talk about something else that is in my life. No, not my cell phone. It is the place I live. And by that I do not mean the farm, although I greatly love the farm. What I am talking about is all the positive aspects about living in South Africa and closer to home, Durban. By no means am I even hinting along the lines of politics as it is, as it is my decision in life to never get involved in the politics of any country and I will remain neutral. Rather what I am talking about is the beautiful land that I live in, the friendly people with their diverse cultures and customs.

Many people, including people that I personally know decide to immigrate to “Better Lands” under the guise that South Africa is a cursed country where you will be murdered on the street just because you are a certain skin color or just because you decided to walk there on a particular day. How I personally feel though is that although in South Africa that might happen, those occurrences are in actual fact very far and few between. However people do see the information about these occurrences because the media sensationalize this. The truth of the matter, that most people who immigrate fail to recognize is that every country has problems, nowhere on this earth is perfect. I know for a fact that even first world countries also have troubles. America, not only does everyone sue everyone else (yes I am generalizing, but so do others who choose to immigrate), but they have big crime gangs, just think of the mafia. Europe, need I remind you of Norway’s catastrophe just a few weeks ago? Or of the Irish catholic and protestant wars still happening?

I have decided a long time ago that I really have no need to immigrate, I love travelling and would love to see the world, but this is my home. As far as the danger levels go here, as with everywhere else on this beautiful blue planet, one purely has to be streetwise. So today I have decided to put together a whole bunch of positive things that I really love about South Africa and in particular, Durban. I have not numbered them, because I cannot choose one above the other, I love them all.

• We do not get any hectic natural disasters. Yes, there’s the occasional flood or drought, but we don’t have hurricanes, blizzards, tornados, tsunamis or earthquakes.
• In South Africa, but especially in Durban, the people are friendly, always a smile and a wave.
• There is never a boring moment here.
• We are a major tourist destination and thus are always meeting new and interesting people.
• We are spoilt for public holidays, both with the places to go and the times to go. We have 12 public holidays.
• South Africa has the oldest game reserve in Africa, Hluhluwe.
• While we’re there, the Big Five.
• We’ve got the world’s biggest green canyon.
• The amazing range of biodiversity in flora and fauna.
• Street side Vendors
• Driving 5minutes from the city centre or centre of the suburbs and landing up in untouched wild bush
• In Durban, every year the locals get to laugh at the Vaalies (nickname derived from the old name on Gauteng, Transvaal, where Joburg is.)
• In Durban our grass stays green all year long.
• Low cost of living compared to other places across the world.
• We have 11 official languages.
• South African English has bits and pieces from the other 10 official languages, nogal! You catch my drift bru?
• There are still old fashioned castles to be found with an African feel.
• South Africa is medically advanced and has the worlds largest hospital!
• Tax is included in store prices ( USA charges extra taxes)
• The African Thunderstorm.
• African Minibus Taxis
• Where else can you eat raw, half dry chunks of meat and not be considered gross?
• Everybody’s name gets shortened and then lengthened (unually ending in ie or y) into a unique nickname. i.e Ronald-Ron-Ronnie
• There is a vibrant feel in the atmosphere
• The beaches
• The true African sunsets

I will stop here for today. But you are more then welcome to hit me with some of the reason you love this land of beauty and splendor, biodiversity and where everyone is a friend or cousin.