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13 August 2011

Best Job on The East Coast

About a month ago our local radio station started promoting a competition that they called “The Best Job on the East Coast”, this competition is actually sponsored by a hotel group called Signature Life Hotels in conjunction with East Coast Radio, and there will be two winners! Here is a little info about it.
The prize? The prize is an all expenses paid, one month trip to two very new and fancy hotels in Mozambique. To be exact, two weeks spent at Massinga Beach Lodge (89km north of Inhambane) and the other two weeks at Barra Beach Club (closer to Inhambane), and a R10,000 salary at the end of the month! The winners will be spending time in the hotels, doing the touristy thing in the area, and seeing behind the scenes of the average guest to see what the staff do and possibly help out a bit.
But it is called a “Job”, so what are the duties? Well they are doing this for marketing, so the duties of the winners is to write a daily blog, and update their facebook statuses and twitter feeds, in other words, the winners become professional tourists for a month, ambassadors and advertising agents for Signature Life Hotels.
How will they judge the winners, are they just randomly chosen? The winners are NOT randomly chosen. They are carefully selected by their expertise and abilities in doing various tasks, social skills and social networking abilities. Signature Life Hotels has to have someone who can be a good ambassador and not bring reproach upon their brand.
By now I am sure you are asking who exactly is Signature Life Hotels? Signature Life Hotels group is an umbrella organization that creates strong hotel brands, they do Sales Management, Distribution Management (branding, websites, ect.), Pricing and Yield Management, and Customer Relations Management. They are located in Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Europe, Mozambique and Mauritius. They help to get to the correct target market, they make sure the standards of service and quality are correct, they help figure out the budgeting and pricing, they also train staff to their standards.

So that is the back round information about the “Best Job on The East Coast” competition. In my next exciting blog post, I will tell you all about how the competition itself is going, and why I am writing about it.