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19 December 2014

Adams Mission Kingdom Hall Build

As you may know, I am involved in volunteering my time and energy and work on Kingdom Hall construction.
What this means is that I go and work my butt off on a building site, for free, because I enjoy it and I feel its a way of my showing love for my neighbour.

Recently however I got the privilege to work along with many of my friends on a local kingdom hall, in Adams Mission, which is just around the corner. The unusual part for me and many of my friends is that we got to work on this particular hall from the day they broke ground all the way until it was handed over and ready to use! You see, normally we each have our teams that we work with and only do one weekend of the whole build, some are there for the roofing weekend, others for the bricking, some for the day they throw the concrete slab, and still others for the painting.

In all it took about 12 weeks to complete. I first arrived on site about a week after they cleared the brush and leveled the ground in the last week of September, and I was honored to be there in the first week of December when all the chairs where in and we were just doing the last bit of painting touch ups.

Because I have been on many builds, I have taken many of the regular types of photos of the build. But with Adams Mission, my goal was to take "time lapse" style photos and to take unusual photos. So, Here's a link to my Photo blog of the build:…dom-hall-build/