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21 November 2014

WHY? Here's Why....

Fact: I do not celebrate birthdays or Christmas or Easter or valentines.

The main reason for this being that I choose to serve God and try to make him happy as one of Jehovah's Witnesses. The history surrounding these pagan celebrations is horrific. But I wont say that "I dont celebrate these holidays because I'm a witness", my decision to not celebrate these holiday is my own well informed choice.

The customs of celebrating, congratulation, offering gifts and even cakes complete with candles in ancient times were there to protect the birthday celebrant from demons and ensure his security in the coming year.
It was also to celebrate people as important, almost a form of worship.
I worship no human, and I dont want people worshiping me. If you want to tell me you care about me, frankly it offends me that you reserve it only for one day a year.
As for clients who tell, beg and plead with me to help them on my closed days because "its a birthday", it makes me want to help them less, not more!

How about Christmas? Santa Claus who is actually another rendition of St. Nicolas which is actually satan. And of course 25 December is NOT when Jesus was born, think about it, really, the shepherds were out in the fields tending to their flocks in the middle of the night. Late December in the northern hemisphere is midwinter, and no shepherd or sheep would be found outdoors at that time of the year. Xmas was actually really a ploy of the Romans around 100 or more years after Jesus died in order to convert the pagans to Christianity, so they brought the pagan rituals across and  called them christian.

Now there's one, easter is supposed to be the celebration of Jesus' death. This is one that they at least have at the right time of the year, yes He did die around about mid March- mid April. However everything else about easter is false and pagan! It yet again boils down to loads of PAGAN religious practices, practices that God explicitly told the Israelites and later the Christians not to do.
The easter bunny and the eggs all symbolize the gods of fertility (breeding like rabbits...) because at that time of the year in the northern hemisphere spring has sprung and the bunnies (and all manner of other creatures) are making babies. Yup, and you send your kids to go chasing after gods of fertility. Hmmmm, I wonder why they're sexually active at 12 years old?

I'm not going to go down the line of Valentines, Halloween, St Patrick's Day, and the plethora of other holidays and celebrations that you and I know are actually not so great.

The biggest argument most people use nowadays is "But that was 1500 - 2000 years ago, we don't do this because we're celebrating that, we're doing it because its fun, its family time, its nice for the kids."
Yes, maybe so, but here's the thing. Do YOU love God?
Think about the bigger picture, God was in existence and has watched the comings and goings of thousands of generations, he has watched the start of these practices. Imagine, he was watching when some of these practices included the sacrificing of live babies in fire to pagan gods and he was disgusted. If you had witnessed those atrocious acts, every single time you heard a christmas carol, or saw an easter bunny, even if they are not used for such disgusting practices right now, what would run through your mind? Undoubtedly the awful memory of screaming babies as they burnt to death while their parents sacrificed them. The picture etched in your mind as people self mutilated in honor of their false gods. Or perhaps the thought that all suffering those people put themselves through was for nothing!
God has a perfect memory, he too remembers that, every single time!

When I consider that, I am not enticed by the green and red of christmas, I am not excited by a valentines card, or happy when I see an easter bunny, I am disgusted, repulsed. I also want to do the things pleasing to God, and these celebrations are obviously not.
That is why I choose NOT to celebrate these things.

But that's not to say I don't believe in having fun, in sharing good times with family and friends, or even in giving gifts.

I love giving and receiving gifts. Time spent with my loved ones is the time I cherish the most. And I love to have fun. So here's a thought, why wait for a birthday to give a loved one a present? Why wait for christmas to spend time with your family? Do it NOW, Today or tomorrow. You don't need an excuse to show your family and friends that you care.