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14 April 2014

REVIEW - Pamper Goodies

Hi all.
You are probably getting downright sick of me posting about the Durban Blogger Meet. Sorry. I will try to put normal stuff in between the blogger meet and reviews. Please don’t forget to pop over to my pet project "Escaping Paradise", a fictional story I'm attempting to write.

So I am not normally a person who goes out and buys stuff for myself. I occasionally will buy a treat or something special for my parents or friends, but not for myself. It’s not that I don’t like being spoilt, it just so happens that I don’t have a man in my life who spoils me (actually I just don’t have a man in my life other than dad), and I don’t normally have the time, energy or money to go get those special little things that make one feel pampered and spoilt.

Thus, when I got a chance to go to the Durban Bloggers Meet Up last Saturday (05 April 2014), I was already keen, but when they mentioned there would be goodie bags with cool stuff to test out and review, I was over the moon.  In the gift bag we got lots of cool stuff. From chocolates and cookies to hairspray and make-up; vouchers for various cool stuff to books, from cappuccino cups to handmade bags. So much stuff in fact that it is downright hard to fathom. Thankfully the organizers put together a list of all the amazing and generous sponsors, so I can share them with you.
I’ve decided to split the posts up, some of the products I will dedicate an entire blog post to, or at least half a post to reviewing them. But most of the products I will split into categories (beauty, food, non-perishables, vouchers, etc) and do a blog post with multiple reviews for that category.
Today’s post is going to be very uncharacteristic of me, as the heading of my site says, I am a Tomboy.
It is all about the beauty products! So, here goes:

Oh So Heavenly
I have known the “Oh So Heavenly” brand for a while. I always do enjoy their products. I believe that these two products are fairly new, I got to sample a Moroccan Argan Oil Body Wash and a Lily Lovely Body Cream.
The Body wash is very nice. I have skin that breaks out very often, so I normally use hygiene soap, like dettol. However it’s nice to treat myself with a nice smelling body wash every now and then. It does leave you feeling clean, smelling nice, and surprisingly moisturized. I’d give it a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.
The Body Cream, well that is a particularly special thing! You see a few years back a cousin of mine whom I am very fond of, and happens to be a professional globe trotter (lucky her) had visited Fiji, and brought me a gift. The gift being body butter made in Fiji, it was frangipani scented and felt like velvet, the best stuff I’ve ever used. Sadly I finished it a while ago. The reason I’m telling you this is because when I opened the Oh So Heavenly Lily Lovely Body Cream jar, the scent that hit me was exactly the same as my cousin’s Fijian Body Butter! I felt it, and immediately recognized that velvet goodness! So, I am head over heels in love with this stuff and when I finish it, at least I know I can get more now. YAY. I would rate it 10 stars out of 5, but maybe that’s just because I’m biased.

John Frieda 
Being brought up by conservative parents (it’s not a bad thing mind you) on a farm, and pretty much being a tomboy, I have never really been big into make-up and hair products. So honestly, no one ever taught me how to use them and I have to read the instructions on the labels and wing it. Being a grown woman and discovering my feminine side with these sorts of products has been interesting, to say the least. So I had never heard of John Frieda products (yes, I can hear you gasping with horror from here) before I got this bottle of Volume Refresher Hair Spray.
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I have tried the occasional attempt at using hairspray before. I can’t say I am very fond of it, usually it makes my hair stiff, and yet still doesn’t hold my serious curls into place. Also, as you know I still live with my parents (hey, its cheaper and comes with a ton of benefits, but I’ll save those for another time), my mom has serious sinus issues when it comes to anything strong smelling, and often hair spray has a distinct “take your breath away smell” which I love, but gives my mom an instant sinus headache. Needless to say, hairspray and I are not the best of friends.
However, I decided to give this product a bash. First thing I noticed (and mom didn’t) is it is odorless. Second thing I noted is that this is not a “hold your hair in place” type of hairspray that makes hair stiff and uncomfortable. It literally does what the label says, it enhances the volume. So if you haven’t had time to wash your hair, or have long hair like me and wash it only every third or fourth day, this takes away the oily look and gives your hair a “newly washed” kind of bounce. So yeah, I like it. I don’t yet know when I’m going to actually use it, but I like it.
Now is there a hair stylist out who wants to teach me how to really tame my mane for free?

I got a nice toiletry bag with 4 Clarins products inside it. I cant tell you very much about them, they are all Anti-Aging products. I certainly don’t feel a need for them, (I mean really, I’m still under 25 years old) and mom immediately noticed them and asked for them. So, score for mom. But she hasn’t started using it, so I’ll have to get back to you on that.

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Thierry Mugler
Yet again another product I have never heard of. I got a little “scent kit” I guess you could call it, with an Alien Body lotion and Perfume. Again, I’m not much a person for strong scents, but this has actually got quite a nice smell to it. I have used the perfume a couple of times, and intend on using the body lotion in the dryer winter months when I need moisturizing.

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I had to dig to the bottom of my gift bag really fast and find out what that awesome smell permeating the bag, and in fact my entire room, was coming from. It turned out to be the Rondavel Lemongrass natural handmade soap. I haven’t yet opened the product because honestly, I am just enjoying the smell, it has prime position in my room just for that lovely lemongrass scent. I also like the packaging, it looks like a page torn out of a novel, which is really cute, and if it is in fact out of a novel, it’s a nice recycling idea.

So for now that’s all the reviews I’m going to do on Beauty Products. I still have a list to review of this category, from suppliers that include Ponds, REN, Ice Box, RubyBox, Optiphi, and a few others. Chat soon J

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