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17 April 2014

A life that's not so ordainary is much more fun

Yup, I thought to myself as I read the text, that’s just another thing to prove that I’m totally not a normal person.
Why do I say that? Well I’m a 23yr old woman who is self employed, and by my own reckoning, pretty successful in what I do. From the outside I probably seem pretty regular.
However I also still think of myself as a kid, and I really don’t mind being a kid.
Yes, I was a flake out at schooling, but I like to tell myself that it wasn’t my fault, that I’m just not cut out for the typical “learning” system of the age we live in. After all I did get a seriously debilitating sickness (called a syndrome because the doctors know it’s there but can’t explain it or give a cure for) in grade 9 that ground all hope of finishing a regular education or grade 12 out of existence. Not that I minded. I was home-schooled from day 1, so I never took school seriously, and I still don’t get why kids (and their parents) take it so seriously now. When I got better 3 or 4 years later, I just didn’t see the reason to try finish it, plus I started my own business and starting getting an income, which I knew a bunch of young people my age who did finish school and could not get jobs. So what’s the point in doing high algebra and Shakespeare when I’m never going to be interested in a career that requires I know those?

If I were normal, would you be my friend? If I were normal, would you be reading this? But then again, what really is normal, is there such a thing when we live in a world full of unique people?

So yeah, I've said it in previous blog posts, but I'll say it again: Enjoy yourself. Be young. Act like a kid sometimes. Have fun. But always remember, in the end everything you do will one day come back to haunt you, so live in a way that you will not have regrets.
In 30 years time there's going to be
a bunch of wrinkly old ladies
sporting dodgy tattoos.