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20 October 2011

Benefits of being self employed.

So to follow on from my last blog post on the Myths of Getting a Job, this is my list of benefits to working for yourself. As much as I enjoyed the job I had when working for other people, I must say there are some obvious down-sides. For example the working hours are only slightly, if ever, flexible, and usually the hours are awkward and get in the way of the rest of your life. Another thing about those inflexible hours, they are usually the worst hours you want and get in the way of other very important activities. Then there is the fact that when you are working in a company, you have to just accept your work-mates, because after all, the boss chose them. Oh, and there is also the fact that once you’re working, you have to do what-so-ever it was written in the small print of that contract (or whatever other paperwork that you had to sign), and deal nicely with annoying clients that are incredibly demanding. It’s worse if you don’t love the job but just got it because it’s the only income you could find (fortunately when I worked for a boss, I enjoyed the job I had and had a pretty good boss).
Truth be told, I honestly believe that there are more benefits to working for yourself than for someone else. Yeah, you might not be getting as much income per month as you would, however the benefits far out-weigh the negatives. So, as is custom of my way of blogging, here comes a list of just 10 the best benefits I find in working for ones-self:

• Generally there is flexi-time, so if your best working hours are 5-10pm, and you like to sleep till 9am, no problem! And as far as holidays and days off are considered, as long as your output is still keeping the bills at bay, you can take the days that you need off.
• You get to choose your clients, if one of them gets stroppy with you, all you have to do is say “Next Please”
• Oh and your customer actually is not always right.
• You are not hard bound to one line of work or field, you can choose to do two totally different jobs as an income, for example plumbing and tourism.
• Commute, you don’t have to drive 45km in peak time traffic, you only need to go as far as you choose to work from your bed, and this might only be a 20 meter stroll. Or depending on exactly what you choose to do, you might be able to go outside and watch the sunset while working….
• Wardrobe, now along those lines of only being a 20 meter stroll from bed, you can decide to do that stroll in your pajamas’, or in jeans, or (in summer) you bikini, or your office attire. Whatever it is that you feel like wearing and is suitable for the job. Ok, a bikini is not suitable if you are a fridge repairman….
• Independence, depending on how large your clientele is (and what your product/service is) you are generally able to chop and change things to better suit your clientele as the need arises, without first having endless boardroom meetings.
• Office Politics, who’s getting the next promotion, or who might be fired, and cliques, are all a thing of the past when you work for yourself.
• Office rules, the rule where you’re not allowed to date workmates, well that’s out because chances are that your spouse is your workmate when you work for yourself. And no facebook, blogging, or twitter while on duty? Well, as long as you are doing your social networking with the full knowledge that either its going to greatly impact on your output today and you’ll have to work double time tomorrow, or that you are doing it as a form of advertising. Oh, and you get to decide what music is being played in the office, or wherever you are working.
• There is no set job description. Now for some people, this may sound like hell, but for me, and for any other person who can think for themselves and is not a mindless wage-slave, this is a really exciting prospect, the one day you’ll be doing admin, the next day you are general laborer, and yet the next you are advertising agent. To me, that is really exciting, I cant stand the idea of getting into a rut and doing the same mindless tasks day-in and day-out.

So this is part two of the Boss versus Self-Employed blog posts. Coming soon will be my opinion on traditional schools versus home-schooling and further education. Keep your eyes on this space.