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22 July 2011

Gym vs Real Work

So I have friends that say they are going to gym, in fact I know a lot of people who brag about going to gym and their personal trainers and so on. But you know what I say about it all?
I say “Who needs gym when you work and ride on a horse farm?” Shall I give you all the reasons I say this? Ok, here goes.
Crunches are eliminated by learning to vault onto a horse. Sit-ups are unnecessary as you are constantly ducking under branches while on your horse and bending down to do gates. Trunk Rotation, again doing gates. Weights are replaced with cleaning out horse hooves, picking up saddles, carrying poles for fences and jumps, and feeding a herd of hungry horses. Treadmills are replaced with real walking finding a herd of horses. Lunges, you can tighten girths and stretching horses’ legs. Squats? No need, you squat while scrubbing down saddle blankets and while oiling leather equipment.
That’s just the basics, if you think about all the various work involved on a farm, there is just so much that you are without a doubt burning off calories big time and building muscles. I mean, feeding animals, fixing fences, cleaning equipment, doing maintenance, the list just goes on forever.
Plus, if you go to gym, you’ll be wasting all that energy because you have nothing to show for it. Out on the farm you always see good for your hard work, there is always a sense of accomplishment. At gym, there is no fresh air, only recycled stale air that is permeated with the smell of many (possibly hundreds) of other people’s sweat, whereas on the farm, there is always fresh, clean air.
My opinion is quit gym and go do something useful like volunteer on a farm once a week instead. You’ll enjoy it much more.